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Q.9 Game Watches

11981A calculator wrist watch, CA-85, by Casio with the digital UFO Invader Game is released in February.
21981In October, Casio launches the UFO Intercepter Game (Saucer versus Space Patrol), the GM-10 and GM-20.
31981The 'Space Shuttle Game Watch', a product of Bondwell Electronics and the National Electronics and Watch Company of Hong Kong, is presented.
41982In the spring, Seiko launches two LCD watches fitted with all normal watch functions and the possibility of playing football on the LCD screen (cal. Y666), flying a UFO or playing a shooting game (Y700 and Y760, or Pulsar NLB01 and NLB03S). In December 1982 Alba (Seiko) markets the Voice Game (cal. Y822) with a baseball game possibility.
51984Seiko markets the RC 2000, a watch with an interchangeable Game ROM Pack.
61987SOKO Hong Kong releases its 'Lottowatch'. It is possible that Casio was the first to enter the market of game watches in 1981. Its GL20 and GL22, released in December 1979, are possibly the first watches with built-in games.

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