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Q.10 Watches with Alti-, Depth- or Barometer

11986In June, Casio launches its 'Depth Gauge', DW-220, capable of indicating under water depth up to 100 m.
21986Citizen produces the watch 'Aqualand'. It indicates depth to 80 metres with an accuracy of 10 cm (cal. C020). A short time later the Analogue Aqualand, cal. 5810, is launched.
31988In December, Casio starts marketing the 'Alti-Depth', a watch with an altimeter, depth meter and barometer, all built into the same case (the ARW 320). It is an analogue watch with a small digital display. The BM-100 with a fully digital display followed two months later.
41990The first depth meters by Seiko the 'Scubamaster M725' and 'M726' enter the market.
51992Seiko launches its first altimeter: the W 730.
61994The 'Hyper Aqualand' of Citizen is the world's first diving watch that transfers data stored in the watch to a PC, using a specially designed interface device. Every five minutes the temperature and depth is automatically measured (cal. D200).

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