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Q.8 Watches with Radio or Television

11967Continental Telephone Supply Co. of New York, launches a watch with a built-in radio transmitter, which could be used to page somebody with a receiver within a range of twenty metres. Commercial production unknown.
21977Asia International Electronics starts production of a 'Radiowatch' with LED's.
31981Patent application for a radio pulse receiver with a built-in speaker by the Sony Corp. of Japan (Patent no. 67493/81 Japan). No commercial production.
41982Cycle Time Electronics Ltd, Hong Kong, starts producing 3500 'Radio Watches' a day, equipped for use with earphones.
51982Trafalgar Watch Co. of Great Britain markets a radio-watch for the AM band. Headphones could be plugged into the watch.
61988Asia International Electronics starts the production of an apparatus that is watch and radio at the same time.
71987The 'Piratron', made by Functional B Electronics Co.Ltd, Hong Kong, reaches the market.
81987The Casio TM 100 with a built-in microphone, transmitter, receiver and a range of 60 metres, is issued.
91990In June, the Seiko 'Receptor' watch could receive a small message from the FM band and display this message on the LCD screen.
101991In December, the introduction in Switzerland of two models of the 'Swatch Pager' takes place. The 'Tone Only Pager': when the telephone number of a Pager Service is dialled, the Pager will emit four distinctive signals which correspond with four phone-numbers. So each phone number belongs to a specific person. The 'Numeric Pager' can display the number of the caller.
201982December 23rd hallmarks the day that Seiko introduces to the world the first 'Television Watch' (cal. T001 and T002). It has a LCD video panel, 17 mm x 25 mm with 32,000 pixels, a large scale integrated circuit (LSI), required two batteries of 3 Volts each and came together with a headphone, in which the antenna was located. The weight of the watch is just 190 gram and receiving VHF and UHF as well as FM-stereo is possible. This watch was produced for the NTSC system, available solely in the USA and in Japan. The watch was only produced in 1982 and 1983. The production was limited to 13,000 watches.

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