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Q.7 Musical, Talking, Recording Watches

11979The 'Multi-Music-Alarm-Chronograph' is presented by Orient Watch with the ability to programme your own music-alarm.
21980In September, the M12 and the M321 of Casio, the first musical alarm watches of Casio (module 82), reach the market.
31981In February, the Casio CA 901 with 12 melodies from Happy Birthday to Jingle Bells (module QW 134), starts singing its tune in Watchland.
41983Citizen makes the 'Spectro'. A music playing watch with volume controlled by the light intensity.
51987Mamona Enterprises Hongkong enters the market with the first 'Piano Watch'.
101981A talking watch which bears the name 'Palerma' is released.
111981The first talking watch in England is produced by the Trafalgar Watch Co. An entirely improved version will be marketed two years later in 1983. Shortly afterwards Reglex, France followed.
201983The world's first recording digital watch, the M 516, is launched in August by Seiko. It could record and replay a message up to eight seconds long. Two 16 kb RAM chips enabled the watch to function. The production stopped in 1984 after production levels reached a quantity of 74,600 pieces. The watch is relatively rare.
211984The Citizen 'Quartz Ana-Digi Voice Memo' caliber C010 is marketed in five different editions. Maximum recording time was limited to six seconds.
221984The 'Palerma' is released again, this time with a built in recorder-chip.
301983The ASUALAB SA, part of ASUAG, manufactures, in co-operation with the University of Neuchâtel, some prototype watches with voice recognition and voice-controlled functions.
311987The Citizen 'Quartz Voice Master VX-2' (no. DX-80XX) is introduced to the public at the 1987 Basle Fair as the world's first voice-recognition watch with a built-in microphone. All the normal functions can be operated by the user's own voice. These voice controlled functions only react to the voice that has been pre-recorded by the user. The VX-2 is a very ingenious, sophisticated and interesting watch.

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