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Q.11 Temperature Measuring Watches

11956A mechanical watch with a spiral bimetal thermometer is sold by Mortima of Morteau, France.
21976Cristalonic GmbH of Munchen presents a prototype of the 'Thermo Solar-Q' or 'Thermo Solar Quartz' at the 1976 Basle Fair. This is a solar energy powered watch with a temperature sensor. No commercial production.
31982Citizen produces the first temperature measuring electronic watch in the world: the 'Ana Digi Temp'.
41982In September, Casio launches the 'Temperature' TS 1000 and TS 2000.
51982'Thermotime', an analogue watch with temperature indication on a LCD screen, is introduced.
61991Seiko's first watch with a temperature sensor, the W700 is marketed.

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