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J.9 Omega Megaquartz 32 kHz

1973Omega Megaquartz caliber 1310. Introduction of the first fully developed quartz watch by Omega, the Megaquartz, which is assembled in a modular way.
1975Omega Megaquartz, cal. 1320, 32 kHz Ladies' watch. Omega Megaquartz, cal. 1325, 32 kHz Ladies' watch.
1977Omega 1350. This became the smallest quartz watch caliber ever produced at that time. A series of 50 different watches, all fitted with a caliber 1350, are presented at the Basle Fair. This caliber was developed by SSIH, CEH, Faselec and the battery by Electronic Watch Battery. The industrial production starts in October 1977.
1978Omega 1352, the first extremely small 'baguette' quartz movement, opening new perspectives to jewellery watch designers came into production.

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