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J.10 Lip Quartz

1971Fred Lip shows the prototypes of the first quartz watch in France: the R 32, named 'Exachron'. This was the result of the following co-operation syndicate Montrelec: Thomson C.S.F. made the quartz, Socrem France the stepping motor, Eurosil (Intersil USA) and Intermetall (ITT USA) the integrated circuits. Furthermore Burdet, Cattin, Cuppillar-Rieme, Dodane, Finhor, Jaz, Lip, and Yema provided the mechanical parts.
1973In April, three different prototypes are shown at the Basle Fair. Before the end of the year, a series of 100 watches is produced.
1974The commercial production of the R032 or R 32 takes off. In June of the same year, the first series of 1000 watches come on the market. The R032 was the first French quartz watch.
1975The R 32 is replaced by the R 33.

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