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J.8 ESA Swissonic 1000

1972Presentation of the '9180' at the Basle Fair. The ESA 9180 was sold by, amongst others, Alpina, Bueche-Girod, Candino, Camy Watch, Certina (Certronic-Q), Eterna, Fleurier Watch, Waltham, Zenith (XL Tronic-quartz), Zodiac (Astro quartz), Synchron (Strato Quartz). Derived calibers: 9181, 9182 and 9183.Caliber 9170 is a prototype.
1973The ESA 9240 reaches the market. This was the first commercial quartz watch for ladies. These watches were equipped with the micro-motor Lip 962, developed by Marius Lavet given in licence by Hatot, Paris. Derived caliber: ESA 9241.

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