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H.2 Junghans 600

Around the same time that ESA marketed its movements, Junghans produced the '600.00' model in 1967, the first German transistorised wrist watch. The different calibers are:

100This caliber has never been used in a commercial watch, only in a few solar clocks: the 'Junghans Ato-Lux'.
600'Ato-chron'. After the experience with transistorised clocks such as 'Atomat', 'Atovox', 'Atophon' and 'Atolux', Junghans started the sale of the Ato-chron in 1967. Caliber 600.00 without day or date. 10.000 pieces were produced from 1966 until 1968. 'Atochron' (cal. 600.10), 30,000 pieces produced from 1968 until 1970. 'Datochron', (cal. 600.12). In 1970, a model with date and with a very interesting new amplitude-stabilisation reached the market. A chronometer version was also manufactured with a case made out of gold, white gold or goldplated metal. Also sold by Halcyon were Inter-chron, caliber SU 6012 , and by Sheffield. Approximately 100,000 pieces produced from 1969 until 1975. The model without date exists in two variations: 600.30 with a normal and 600.31 with slightly higher motion work.

The Russians made a very good imitation of the Junghans 600: the 'Tegrov' or 'Luch 3045'. Unfortunately, the history of the 'Slava 5338' is largely unrecorded.
All the Russian watches were exported by V/O Technointorg, Moscow under the brandnames: Poljot, Slava, Raketa, Wostok, Zarja, Luch and Chaika.

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