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H.3 Citizen

The first working prototypes were ready in March 1966 and were presented to the press at the Osaka Fair of 1967. The Citizen X-8 Cosmotron was the first Japanese electronic watch. Its distinctive features are the four magnets on the balance and a single coil fixed on the pillar plate. Frequency 6 Hz.

Citizen X-8
Chronometer cal. 0802, 0802, 0884.
Chronomaster cal. 0820.
Chronotron cal. 0840 and 0880.
Date cal. 4840 (1969).
Caliber 0811, 0830, 4830.

The Bulova Caravelle 12 OTC is the same movement as the Citizen 0811, the 12 OUC as the 0830, the 12 OUCD as the 4830.

Citizen 5600 series, 1969.
Caliber 5620 and 5650.
Citizen IC 12
The Citizen 5800 series, the IC 12, 1970. Frequency 12 Hz.
5800 IC-12 Chronometer.
5810 and 5835 IC-12 Cosmotron with centre second.
5820 and 5830 without centre second. The movement has eight magnets fixed on the balance-wheel, two coils fixed on the pillar plate. This was an incredibly fast beating watch and the smallest transistorised ladies' watch at that time.
Citizen 7800 Cosmotron, 1972.
Four different calibers exist: 7800, 7801, 7803 A and the 7804 A. When the watch is held upright, date correction becomes possible, while held upside down day correction is possible. Frequency 6 Hz.

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