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H.1 Dynotron, ESA

1ESA 9150 Dynotron.
Oscillation frequency 3 Hz. A watch with date-indication.
1962-1967 Many tests are carried out and a large number of chronometer certificates obtained.
1967 A limited quantity has been marketed by ESA.
1968 Production in large quantities starts to take place.
2ESA 9154 Dynotron. The frequency is altered to 4 Hz. Sales started in 1970.
3ESA 9157 Dynotron with date. ESA 9158 Dynotron with day and date. Sales started in 1975.
4ESA 9159 Dynotron, no hands but equipped with revolving discs, manufactured with and without lighting. A rare watch.
5ESA 9176 Digital display on cylinders. Marketed by Jaz: the 'JAZ-Derby'. Introduction at the Basle Fair in 1974. Sold by Jaz with six different case designs.
6ESA 9190 = Lip R 50 ladies' watch. Frequency 3 Hz.
7ESA 9200 (1976) 'Frontronic'. A ladies' watch. Frequency 4 Hz. (= Longines 7102)

All these watches, except for the 9176, belong to the 'Swisssonic 10 line'. The number of the caliber can be found below the balance wheel, stamped on the pillar plate.

At that time ESA only sold movements to factories who made complete watches with these movements. That is the reason you will seldom find watches with ESA printed on the dial.
The movements of the 'Swissonic 10 line' can be found inside watches of more than fifty different trade marks.

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