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C.9 Jean Dinh Van

Coming from a multi cultural background with a French mother and Vietnamese father, who mastered the art of lacquering, Dinh Van's work is continuously inspired and influenced by Chinese symbolism.

1950 Dinh Van starts his studies at the Paris School for Decorative Arts and Jewellery. During his years with Cartier of France he becomes a very professional jewellery designer.
1965Starts his own jewellery firm and creates jewellery for Schlumberger.
1967Designs the world-famous ring with two pearls for Cardin. Is chosen as one of the four best French jewellers to take part in an exhibition in Montreal, Canada. Meanwhile, he continues working for Cartier New York. The models created at this time are signed 'Cartier-Dinh Van'.
1974De Beers, a South African diamond company, commissions him to create a setting for a two carat diamond, which he presents in person to the winning lady jockey at the 'Diamond Day', at the Ascot Races in Great Britain.
1975Designs three silver watches with a silver armlet for Lip, France.
1976Opens his own design store at Rue de la Paix 7, in Paris.

The three rare silver Lip watches are:

1A square watch with black points on the dial. (Ref.no. 43376)
2A circular shaped watch with Arabic numerals on the dial. (Ref.no. 43377)
3An oval watch with Roman numbers on the dial. (Ref.no. 43378)

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