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C.20 Bruno Ninaber van Eyben

Ninaber van Eyben is one of three outstanding and leading Dutch product designers of the nineteen seventies and eighties. He is known for the simplicity of his designs and shows knowledgeable insight into the production techniques of design.

1950Born on the 3rd of November in Boxtel, The Netherlands.
1971Finishes his studies at the Academy in Maastricht. Founder-director of a studio for industrial design and production.
1973Designs the 'Bracelet Watch'.
1976Designs the world famous black 'Pendant Watch'.
1977Designs the famous tube light 'Flite'.
1980On the 29th of April, he is the first designer to receive the 'Dutch Kho Lang I Prize' for Industrial Design for his entire work. Designs a range of modern Dutch coins in collaboration with the typographer Gerard Unger. The coins were issued in 1982.
1984Releases the 'Wrist Watch'.
1985Bruno Ninaber van Eyben, Wolfram Peters and Peter Crouwel establish a new design agency, 'Ninaber Peters & Crouwel'.

Ninaber van Eyben designed the following three watches:

11973The 'Bracelet Watch', made of stainless steel in combination with three different segments made out of black, white or colourless perspex.
21976The 'Pendant Watch', black anodised aluminium with rubber cord. The first ones contained a mechanical movement, the latter ones a quartz movement.
31984The 'Wrist Watch', titanium case, fitted with black or brown leather strap.

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