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C.21 Dieter Rams

Rams was one of the leading German designers and received worldwide recognition for designs made for Braun, Germany (Audio-visual systems and domestic appliances) and Vitsoe (furniture). He was a winner of many design awards and member of various design organisations. His work displays the influence of the 'Hochschule f/r Gestaltung' of Ulm, Germany, where postwar industrial production forms the centre of design related activity.

1932May 20th, born in Wiesbaden, Germany. His father was a carpenter.
1947-1953Studies Architecture and Interior Design in Wiesbaden.
1953-1955Works as an architect.
1955-1980Product designer for Braun AG, director of the design team and member of the management team.
1955Presents the first range of Braun products that shows a completely new design concept. The range was developed in collaboration and under the auspices of the Ulm School.
1977Dieter Rams and Dietrich Lubs design a round shaped LCD watch for Braun AG, to be released in two different versions.
1978The same duo design a rectangular LCD watch for Braun AG, in two different colours.

Rams and Dietrich Lubs designed the following four LCD watches with a LCD module: MSA 085-017 or W5A. They form an excellent example of modern Braun design:

1977 Two round shaped quartz watches. (Ref.no. DW 20 B 4812)
1Chromium plated aluminium case and steel strap. Production quantity 3,000 pieces.
2The same in black. Production: 2,000 pieces.

1978 Two rectangular LCD watches with a case of aluminium-alloy. (Ref.no. DW 30 4814)

3Chromium plated case with smooth black leather strap or a profiled black leather strap. First edition 4,500 and the second edition 4,000 pieces.
4The same, in black, was never retailed. Only 200 produced.

It should be noted that Dietrich Lubs designed round analogue quartz watches for Braun AG, amongst which were the AW 10, in 1989, with Arabic numbers in a black and chromium edition and a reversed model in chromium and black. In 1990, the AW 20, with two models, one chromium and the other black coloured. In 1991, the AW 50 platinum upgraded. In 1992, the AW 50 made out of titan ceramic.

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