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C.19 Pascal Morabito

Morabito is known for his creations of perfumes, accessories, jewellery, fashion clothes and watches. He is the owner of several luxurious boutiques in France.

1945Born on the 3rd of May in Nice, France.
1970Works together with Cesar.
1976Opening of the first boutique 'Pascal Morabito' in Paris.
1977Creates his first watches, which are called 'Les Montres Plot' or '4 Plots'.
1979Launches a new line of scarves.
1982Creates a new line of desk top accessories, called 'Les Cartonnables'.
1983A new line of tailor made designer suitcases by the name of 'Les Carossables' of Morabito reaches the market. The suitcases were designed for a range of exclusive automobiles such as Jaguar, Rolls Royce and Ferrari.
1986The watch 'Jour et Nuit' ('Day and Night') is released. The watch can be worn reversibly.
1988Release of a series of functional furniture.

Morabito designed the following watches:

11977A series of 24 watches '4 Plots' is launched. The watches are fitted with a saphire crystal in the colours red, white, black and metallic. Some have a mirrored saphire crystal. The watch case is rectangular or square shaped. The watch has hands or a liquid crystal display. Approximately 5,000 pieces are produced.
21986'Jour et Nuit'. This is a watch that can be worn reversibly. One side made out of gold for use by day time, the other side made out of steel for use during night time. The watch contains two quartz movements. The bracelet is made out of steel, gold or shark skin. Approximately 1,000 pieces produced.

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