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Q.5 Watches with Memory and Database

11978Seiko produces its 'LC Digital Quartz Memorybank', the FX 003 (caliber M354), stored with useful dates from 1930 up to the year 2009. Seiko launches a watch with memory the M53.
21982Pulsar (Seiko) shows the 'Memowatch', cal. NL C01, which can store up to 24 digits.
31982National Electronics and Watch Company (Natron) of Hong Kong, delivers the 'Message Center' which can store four words of four letters each.
41982The Cycle Time Electronics Ltd makes a watch which can store two messages of 18 letters each.
51982In November, Casio Computer launches a wrist-dictionary, the TE-2500, which is able to translate 1711 words in both English and Spanish, and has a storage capacity of 36 phrases in English, German, French, Spanish or Japanese.
61983Seiko markets a LCD digital watch, cal. D409, that can store 112 digits.
71984In January, the 'Data Bank Tele-Memo', the CD 40, by Casio is issued, which can memorize 10 sets of telephone numbers, consisting of four letters and 12 digits each.
81984In May, the DB-50 and DB-500, by Casio are upgraded to a memory-capacity of 50 telephone numbers.
91984In July, Seiko launches the RC-1000, a watch with a 16 kb database. To store the data, the watch needs to be connected to an IBM or Commodore compatible computer. A floppy disc with the appropriate software was sold with the watch. Forty thousand of these watches were produced, before production lapsed after a year.
101984Seiko launches the world's first computer watch with database, the RC 2000. On the liquid crystal dot matrix screen the data can be seen running from left to right. The storage capacity is 2000 characters. To change the data, the watch needs to be clicked onto a keyboard, the UC 2100, or onto the controller, the UC-2200. They were only produced in 1984 and 1985. The UC-2300 is the interface adaptor. The game Rom-packs that were sold separately, provided the user with game facilities. The UC-2002 is the pocket watch edition. A quantity of 200,000 pieces were sold world-wide.
111985The RC-20 of Epson can now receive and store data from a computer.
121985The 'Wrist Terminal' by Seiko, the RC-4000 and 4500 and the 'Pocket Terminal', the RC-4400 is also compatible with the Sinclair Spectrum computer.

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