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Q.4 Watches with Dual Time or World Time

A complete historical review of mechanical wrist watches with world time indication has been published by G.L. Brunner in 'Alte Uhren und Moderne Zeitmessung', 4/1990.

11968Bulova markets the Accutron 'Astronaut Mark II' with dual time indication (cal. 2185 and 2186). See the chapter on the Bulova Accutron.
21974The automatic 'Dual Zone Timer', caliber 5619A, by Seiko is an automatic watch with a sub-hour hand to indicate the time in another part of the world.
31975Seiko releases the 'Dual Zone Timer ', cal. 3819, an analogue quartz watch with one extra hand to indicate the hour in another part of the world. It should be noted that minute indication stays the same, no matter where in the world!
41976Computer-Time Products of Wiesbaden, Germany, retails the Dual Time Zone watch in the spring of this year. A LED watch with two time indications in different time zones. World's first digital electronic dual time watch.
51976The Casio 'World Time Watch' (module QW-17) is launched in December.
61977The first digital LCD 'Dual Zone Timer' by Seiko, (cal. 0139) and the 'Quartz LC World Timer' M158A, equipped to show the time in 29 different time zones, is produced.
71976Casio launches the 'Casiotron X-1', a computer watch with 12 functions. To name but a few: it is programmed to give the time of five different places all around the world at the touch of a fingertip; it can store an extra time indication and the watch can also be used as a counter.
81979Seiko starts sales of the Seiko FC 001, also known as the 'World Timer' (cal. A239). At the touch of just one button, the time in 29 different time zones can be known. The watch is equipped with a dual display.
91991In February, the 'Data Bank Touch Screen' by Casio, the VDB-1000, reaches the market. In order to know the time in any part of the world, the destined place on the world-map on the watch should be touched, the watch crystal becomes activated and the local time is revealed. Seven other functions are applied in this watch.

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