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N.2 Solar Cells and LCD

11976The first watch with solar cells and LCD is the 'Solar Quartz' by Cristalonic Time Computer GmbH of Munich, Germany, who showed the watch at the Basle Fair in April.
21976A few months later the Sicura Watch Co. Grenchen, Switzerland, produces the 'Solar-Star Quartz'.
31976Cristalonic Computer GmbH of Ottobrun, Germany, presents the 'Thermo-Solar-Quartz' at the Basle Fair. This watch was a prototype with a built intemperature sensor. Whether it has been produced remains unknown.
41977Mondaine releases the 'Digi-Solar' with a display manufactured by Brown Boveri. One model was issued with an eight digit-display and a second model with a 10 digit-display.
51977At the Basle Fair of 1977, Sicura shows a curious solar watch the 'VIP 2000', also known under the name 'Sikato', with solar cells on the right side of the watch. In 1978 Sicura marketed a similar 'Chrono Alarm' model.
61978Seiko produces its first solar cell powered LCD watch: the Pulsar A156.
71978The Seiko A944, which is powered dually by electric energy and solar energy.
8ESA manufactures the prototype 'Esaquartz Solar'.

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