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N.1 Solar Cells and LED Display

11973The 'Synchronar 2100' is developed by Roger Riehl, president of Riehl Electronics Corp. The C-MOS circuit was developed by Ragen Semiconductor, a subsidiary company of Ragen Precision. Ness Time distributed the 'Synchronar 2100' during the first three years of its production. This watch had a perpetual calendar which would run until the year 2100, with corrections for the length of the months and for leap years.
1976The 'Solar II' is launched at the 'RJA Show' in New York in July. Although the first models did not allow time adjustment without the help of an official watchmaker, the later models allowed their wearers to adjust the time themselves.
21974The 'Nepro Solar Solid State' produced by Nepro Watch of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, is shown to the general public for the first time at the 1975 Basle Fair. The watch has also been marketed by Codhor, a French marketing syndicate. Nepro acquired 2000 modules from Ness Time, the 'Synchronar 2100'.
31975At the Basle Fair, the 'Solar LED Uranus' of Uranus Electronics Inc. ,New York, is introduced. This watch was sold in two versions of which one version contained a number of buttons around the dial to use the integrated calculator. Available in steel, gold or gold plated.
41976Orient starts manufacturing the 'Orient Led Solar Quartz'.

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