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K.3 Different manufacturers

11973The 'Time Computer' of Omega, caliber 1600, is marketed in 1973 and presented for the first time by Omega at the Basle Fair of 1972. It is the same module as the Pulsar Time Computer caliber 102 with a magnetic setting. The 1601 (1972), 1602 (1974) and 1603 (1975) were soon to follow Omega's 'Time Computer'.
21974Texas Instruments introduces its own line of LED watches at the CES in Chicago. These were the first cheaper LED watches to be sold for less than US $ 100,-.
31975The Bulova Accuquartz Digital LED caliber 228 is presented at the Basle Fair of 1975. This movement has been applied in the the 'Swissonic 2000' line.
41974Caliber ESA 9290 with lateral time display is introduced at the 1974 Basle Fair. The movement was sold by Jaz, France and Mido, Switzerland.
51975The 'Quartz Crystron LED' (cal. 9002), the first LED watch to be produced by Citizen is marketed.
61976The production of a small ladies' caliber ESA 9370 LED starts.
The modules are put to use in watches produced by, amongst others, Certina and Jaz.
71976The LED Touchtron produced by Orient becomes a novelty. When the watch crystal is slightly touched by a fingertip, the LED lights up. Jaz and others followed.
8Other early LED watch manufacturers are Ricoh Watch, Quantum, Computer Crown, Hudson Harris, New-Port, Nivada (Quartzonic) and Ledo.
9The first Russian LED watch to be brought on the market is the 2651.
10The Russian Company Tegrov sells a peculiar LED imitation watch with a red glass, a small lightbulb and fluorescent numbers which give the impression of a LED display.
111976The 'Futur' of Zenith Time S.A. is introduced at the 1976 Basle Fair.
A quartz watch with caliber no. 47 or 470 to 473 equipped with hands and a small two digit LED display that indicates the date or the seconds. It also shows time indication 'am' or 'pm'.
12Waltham manufacturs a LED watch with a display that elevates itself and becomes visible at the touch of a button on the side of the watch.
131976The Nepro Quartz XJ-S watch inspired by the Jaguar XJ-S car is produced.

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