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K.2 Fairchild

Huges Aircraft and Uranus, both used the same modules with a LED display produced by Fairchild. The patents of HMW (Hamilton Pulsar) created numerous problems, therefore a special agreement needed to be made for further continuation of production.

These modules were used by:

11973Elgin USA starts selling the 'American Minicom', the 'American' and the 'Helbros Minicom' in January. The first watches, made of solid gold, were exclusively produced for Tiffany Co. (Basle Fair 1973). The module was manufactured by Uranus.
21973Croton Time Corporation USA releases the 'Terrestrial Quartz'.
31973The company 'Micro Electronics Products' of Hughes Aircraft sells a LED watch called 'Digitime'.
41973The 'Solitron' of Solitron Devices, New York, with a watchcase of solid gold, is released and immediately taken off the market again.
51973The 'Synchronar' produced by the electronic firm Ness Time, Mountain View California, will be dealt with in the paragraph about solar watches.

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