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C.7 Pierre Cardin

Design Pierre Cardin

Cardin was one of the first French couturiers who created not only classic clothes for his wealthy clients, but also a wide range of extravagant, innovative and experimental cheap clothes for both men and women. He introduced the 'Space Age' and the 'Unisex' look. His name is now attached to a wide range of accessories: shoes, perfume, jewellery, watches, towels, luggage, carpets, furniture, ceramics etc. At that time, Cardin employed the following designers: Marc Jarico, Geza Karney, Joanna Boillat and Ann Maes.
He was the first designer to license his name to factories that marketed a variety of products under the name Pierre Cardin. Approximately 600 licences were issued for the use of the name Pierre Cardin.

1922Born in San Andrea da Barbara, Italy, on July 7th. Studies architecture. Works for the fashion houses of Paquin, Schiaparelli and Christian Dior.
1949Establishes the Pierre Cardin fashion house.
1946-1970Designs costumes for movies.
1971-1972Establishes 'Espace Cardin' in Paris.
1971-1973Designs for Jaeger, Paris, a range of 26 watches in different variations. These watches perfectly match his ideas about unisex design and his 'Space Age' look.
1975-1990Creates an entire range of watches, which appeal to the classic ideas of a huge audience.

Cardin designed the following watches, all fitted with a FE 68 movement, except for the PC 114, which contains a FE 36 movement. Watches with red or blue dials were fitted with a matching strap. In all other cases, it was possible to fit the watchcase with a strap of desired colour.

1 The first series of seven watches.

PC 101
PC 102Two models, one with a red dial and a red strap, the other with a blue dial and a blue strap.
PC 103
PC 104Watch fits the curve of the wrist, 'Chauffeur's Watch'.
PC 105
PC 106A spacy combination of chromium plated metal and transparent metacrylates.
PC 107Egg shaped watch with curved crystal.

2 A second series of seven watches.

PC 108Gold or chromium plated case.
PC 109Famous curved 'Chauffeur's Watch'. The dial is worn on the inside of the wrist.
PC 110A chromium plated watch of considerable weight.
PC 111
PC 112A watch of three layered metacrylate in the colours red, blue or topaz.
PC 113A flat metacrylate watch in the colours blue or topaz.
PC 114An outlandish watch in topaz or in red.

3 A range af four irregularly shaped watches. Very rare.

PC 115
PC 116
PC 117
PC 118

4 A range of four geometrically shaped watches.

PC 119
PC 120
PC 121
PC 122

5 The last series of design watches. These are the first ones to give a 'chique' impression.

PC 123
PC 124
PC 125
PC 126

6 Series of 18 prototypes.

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