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C.17 Serge Manzon

Manzon started as a diamond seller and film producer. Later he started to create furniture, jewellery, watches, clothes and an entire range of fashion accessories. Manzon is a fully self-taught man with regard to the acquisition of his knowledge of design.

1930Born on the 6th of February in Nice, France.
1973At the Basle Fair, Longines presents the Serge Manzon Collection comprising twenty different watches.
1977Designs furniture for Pierre Cardin.

He designed the following rhodium plated silver (925/1000) watches. Unless otherwise stated, the watches were all fitted with a Longines 410 movement.

1Ref.no. 5018.
2Ref.no. 5021.
3Ref.no. 5019.
4Ref.no. 5020.
5Ref.no. 5028.
6Ref.no. 5000 Pocket watch.
7Ref.no. 5024.
8Ref.no. 5035 Automatic watch.
9Ref.no. 5027.
10Ref.no. 5026.
11Ref.no. 5025 Automatic.
12Ref.no. 5039.
13Ref.no. 5022.
14Ref.no. 5002.
15Ref.no. 5003.
16Ref.no. 5001.
17Ref.no. 5004.

A range of three watches with dark brown crocodile leather strap, a dark coloured dial and a Longines 7102 electronic movement. These models have a cubic shaped silver block at each corner which has a hinge function.

18Ref.no. 5016.
19Ref.no. 5014.
20Ref.no. 5015.

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