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C.14 Nathan George Horwitt

Nathan Horwitt is a man of many talents. He was a writer, inventor, farmer, photographer and designer of graphics, advertisements, interiors, chairs and books. He invented an adjustable picture frame of which his company 'Braguette' (1933-1980) sold several millions.

1889Born in Russia.
1892Comes to New York.
1933Designs the 'Roto Refrigerator' with rotating compartments.
1947Designs the famous watch with the black dial and the golden dot, probably the first modern design wrist watch ever produced by any artist.
1956From 1956 until 1960 Horwitt tries to raise interest for this design among at least fifteen watch companies, without success.
1958Initially denied a patent, Horwitt appealed and was granted patent no.183485 in the United States. It was the third patent he obtained on his watches, however, the only one that was actually produced.
1959The Museum of Modern Art in New York buys one of the three prototypes for their collection. The first modern design watch to feature in a museum collection.
1960Only a few watches are sold from the Neiman-Marcus Christmas Catalogue. The manufacturer of the watches in this catalogue remains unknown.
1961Movado acquires the design and officially registers the name 'Museum Watch'.
1962The first Movado Museum Watches are sold.
1969-1979The Howard Miller Clock Company manufactures the 'Museum Clock'.
1990Horwitt dies. The first Museum watches manufactured by Movado have a mechanical movement: Movado 246.

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