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C.12 Isabelle Hebey

1935Born June 28th, in Paris. Studies Psychology, Sociology and Arts for two years at the 'Ecole du Louvre',
1960-1993Decorates over five hundred private estates and apartments all over the world.
1966-1990Interior decoration of an entire range of boutiques for Yves Saint-Laurent.
1968-1975Works for Shell International.
1970-1975Releases interior designs for the DC 10 (1970), the Concorde (1972) and the Airbus (1971).
1973Designs watches for Lip, France.
1974First prize for the best interior decorated shop in New York.
1983-1984Designs the automobile Accord, a motorbike and a logo for Honda Motors Inc., Japan.
1986Designs the offices of Madame Danielle Mitterrand, Palais de l'Elysée, Paris. Creates a new line of furniture 'Beaubourg' for 'Industriel Unimob Linguanotto'.
1987Creation of an experimental playground for the French railways. First prize for the best shop in Paris.
1989-1991Designs the interior of the Documentation Centre of the Culture Department in Paris.

Hebey designed eight very modern watches for Lip in 1973:

A range of four ladies' watches with a Lip T13 movement and a brown or black leather strap.

1A black watch. (Ref.no. 43420)
2The same with four numbers on the dial. (Ref.no. 43360)
3Gold plated. (Ref.no. 43359)
4Dull chromium plated. (Ref.no. 43358)

A range of four watches with a Lip T13 movement.

5Dark grey watch with a cross and six small strokes on the dial and a black strap. (Ref.no. 43421) It is questionable if this watch was ever produced, although it is displayed in several Lip catalogues.
6Dark grey watch with a cross on the dial and a black strap. (Ref.no. 43363)
7Gold plated, a brown dial and a brown strap. (Ref.no. 43361)
8Unpolished chromium plated with twelve black dots on the dial and a black strap. (Ref.no. 43362)

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