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T. Annex
T.1 Statistics

T.2 Watch Batteries

The list of watches below are accompanied by the manufacturers recommended battery. To save possible damage to an electric watch by the use of an incorrect battery, it is advisable to check that the correct battery is fitted.

123/6 indicates no. 123 and 126
02/16 indicates no. 02 and/or 16
20/1/5 indicates no.20, 21 and 25
256-78 indicates: all the existing numbers between 256 and 278
* indicates any digit

Ucar batteries 201 and 355 are no longer produced, however it is possible to use Ucar 394 with a plastic spacer ring from Ucar 387 as an alternative for Ucar 201. This arrangement is also quite suitable as a battery replacement for the Hamilton 500. It is advisable to use only RW14, RW34, SR43SW or SR44SW in the Hamilton 505. Ucar have recently slightly modified the dimensions of their 301 battery. All other manufacturers have retained the original dimensions. It was to complicated to reproduce this list in HTML, please order the book "WATCH"

The first number in this list is the caliber number, the second number is the advised Ucar battery number. No responsibility is accepted for any errors.

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