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S.6 Junghans

Imported American clocks completely dominated the German market during the first half of the nineteenth century. Therefore, a number of German firms came up with the idea of manufacturing 'American clocks' in the second half of the nineteenth century. More than a century later, Junghans has become Germany's most important watch and clock manufacturer.

1861Foundation of the watch factory: 'Erhard Junghans und Zeller'.
1866Entry in the Registry of Companies of the Chamber of Commerce: 'Gebr/der Junghans, Uhrenfabrik OHG in Schramberg'.
1955Together with the French watch producer Vedette, Junghans becomes a part of the Diehl-Gruppe.
1962The first transistorised clock by Junghans, the 'ATO-MAT'.
1963The first Junghans solar-powered clock: the 'ATO-LUX'.
1966The first prototypes of a transistorised wrist watch, the 'J 100'.
1967The first quartz clock by Junghans, the 'Astro-Chron'.
The first commercial transistorised wrist watch by Junghans, the 'Ato Chron' (cal. 600.00).
1970The Junghans 'Dato-Chron' (cal. 600.12).
1971Introduction to the press of a prototype of the first quartz wrist watch in Germany takes place on April 14th.
1972The commercial production of the quartz wrist watch 'Astro-Quartz', also known as the 'QU 1' (cal. W666.00), starts.
1976Production of the first LED watch, the 'J 613', and the first LCD watch of Junghans, the 'J 616'.
1978Junghans launches the first European quartz watch with a frequency of 4 MHz, the 'Junghans Megaquarz' (cal. 667.26).
1985The first prototypes of Junghans radio-controlled clocks are revealed at the Basle Fair.
1986Junghans starts the production of a radio-controlled clock, the 'RCS-1' with solar cells, and the 'RC-1' with batteries.
1990Production of the first radio-controlled wrist watch in the world, the 'MEGA 1', with liquid crystal display. Designed by studio 'frogdesign'.
1991The MEGA with hands.
1992The first radio-controlled solar-powered wrist watch in the world, the 'MEGA SOLAR'. The only electric chronometer produced in Germany was the Junghans 'Datochron Chronometer 6012' that came with a case of white or yellow gold.

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