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S.3 Casio

Casio is a producer of televisions, radios, calculators, computers, printers, keyboards, watches etc. It never produced mechanical watches.

1957Casio established in Japan.
1972Casio Japan establishes as Casio Europe in Zurich, Switzerland. Production of the first electronic Casio desk calculator.
1974Introduction of the first quartz watch, the fully electronic 'Casiotron X-1' with LCD display and module QW-02S.
1980Casio produces its first electronic music keyboard and its first wrist watch calculator, model C-60.
1981Production of the CA-85, the G-10 and the G-20, possibly the first game watches of Casio. Introduction of the Casio M-1200 with twelve different melodies, such as Jingle Bells, Happy Birthday etc.
1982On the Japanese market, Casio launches a dictionary watch, the 'TE-2500', which is able to translate about 1500 Japanese and English words. It incorporates some conversational phrases in English, German, Spanish, French and Japanese. The Casio 'Thermometer' watch, the TS 2000 and the TS 1000 are introduced.
1983Production of Casio Scientific CFX 20, with many scientific and conversion functions. The first portable LCD television by Casio reaches the market. The Casio 'Touch Sensor' (Caliber TC-500) becomes the first watch in the world with transparent touch switches incorporated in the watch glass. If the watch is used as a calculator, the numbers and signs (+,-,x,:) on the watch-crystal are to be touched by finger. The results of the calculations appear on the same LC-display.
1984The first solar-powered LCD wrist watch by Casio, the SA 60 is marketed. Casio issues the 'Casio Databank Tele Memo' (CD-40). A watch with the capacity to store ten sets of telephone numbers.
1986In April, the quantity of watches produced by Casio amounts to 3.5 million pieces monthly.
1987A watch as solid as a nutcracker, the Casio 'G-Shock' is marketed. In January, the Casio 'Pulsecheck' (JP 100 W) is taken into production. The Casio 'Phone Dialer' (DBA 800) is marketed as the first automated personal phone-book. When one of the fifty stored telephone numbers is chosen, the watch transmits sound signals to the telephone, and 'dials' the number.
1988The world's first barometer watches are marketed: the digital BM100W and the analogue-digital ARW 320 AT.
1989In April, the 'Cosmos' (CGW-500L) enters the market. This watch gives the position of the nine planets in our solar system and of Halley's comet from the year 1901 till 2200.
1992The 'Flip Top IA-1000' is released. At first glance this appears to be a normal watch, however, it can also be used, for instance, as a calculator or databank. The Casio 'Blood Pressure Meter' (BP 100) displays the diastolic and systolic blood pressure, gives the graphic result of the last 21 measurements, displays the pulse rate and all the usual functions.
1993The 'Digital Compass', CPW-100 and CPW-200 are presented to the public.

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