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J.61 Timex Quartz

In 1972 Timex introduces caliber 62, based on the Timex M 40 with a 3 Hz balance, combined with a quartz crystal (49,152 Hz) and electronic parts produced by Hughes Aircraft, RCA and Microma. In the spring of 1972, this watch was sold sixty percent under the market value of the least expensive watch on the market at that time. A patent application was filed April 5th 1971 in the USA, and granted under no. 2216406 in Germany. This was the first watch with an adjustable resistor for timing. The chief engineer of this project was J. Suard.
Derived calibers: 63 and 64 with a small black coloured IC mounted on white ceramic (cal. 63) or on brown pertinax (cal. 64). The production ceased in 1980.

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