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J.50 Bulova Accuquartz

Quartz watches with metal tuning fork

1971The Bulova 'Accuquartz' with a solid gold case goes on sale in New York, USA, on the 6th of December.
1972The Accuquartz, calibers 2240, 2241 and 2242 are shown by Bulova at the 1972 Basle Fair.

This watch has a quartz crystal as timebase, which synchronises the frequency of the tuning fork. The pawl on the tuning fork drives the wheel train in the same fashion as applied in the 'Accutron'. The IC was supplied by Intersil USA. This caliber should not be confused with the earlier Bulova 'Accuquartz', movement B21, nor with the Accutron Quartz series caliber 242.
The 224 is the only movement which has a quartz crystal and a tuning fork.
The Uniquartz 73 of Universal-Genève contains the same movement.

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