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J.5 Junghans Astroquarz

The first German quartz watch, commercially produced.

1971On April 14th, Junghans presents the prototypes of their quartz watch caliber QU 1 to the international press at the Basle Fair. The research had been conducted in co-operation with Para, PUW and Bifora. The watch case was designed by Udo Schultheiss.
1972A series of 10,000 pieces (cal. 666.00) had been manufactured when the production ceases. They were equipped with a rod quartz, manufactured by Siemens, Germany and an IC by Motorola.
197430,000 pieces produced of Cal. 666.02, the first series with a quartz crystal by Motorola and the second series with a small tuning fork quartz crystal. The calibers have been released in five differently designed cases.

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