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F.4 Lip R 148

The 'R 148' without date, came on the market in September 1962 and is basically very similar to the Elgin '725'.
The first series of this movement were produced for the American market and are equipped with a solid battery strap, the latter ones have a spring. This movement was a great improvement in comparison with the 'R 27'. It only had one battery and was easy to repair. It was the first reliable French electric watch to be produced in large quantities. At that time Jean-George Laviolette was head of the technical department of Lip and given the nick-name 'the father of the "R 148"'. The photograph also shows an experimental movement, an adapt version of the 'R 148' with a transistor and no mechanical contacts.

The movement can also be found in: Nivada (cal. 87006), Marvin, Buser, Revue, Vulcain (MSR R 26), Universal (cal. 60), Stowa, Waltham, Benrus, Zentra and others.

Derived calibers:

R 184Also known as 'Datolip' with date. This is the first electric watch with date indication.
R 196Resembles the R 148. However, there is no sweep second hand.

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