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E.5 Porta, PUW

The Porta Uhrenfabrik Wehner KG (PUW) in Pforzheim produced two electric watches with the coil on the balance and mechanical contacts, all with three magnets and a frequency of 4 Hz.

1960Porta starts to sell the Lip R 27 under the name Porta-Lip.
1969The Porta Elechron caliber PUW 1000 without date, the Porta 1001 with date and the 1002 with day and date are released. The watch is also sold by Croton, Gruen and Feuver.
1972The Porta Ladychron caliber PUW 3000. Also sold by Pallas-Ormo, Elgin, Fleurier, Gruen, Helbros, Helvetia, Invicta, Solvil & Titus, Sandoz and Waltham.
1991Porta is taken over by the Swiss holding SMH.

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