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C.4 Guccio Bertone

Guccio Bertone is best known as the designer of cars. As a creator of the Lamborghini Miura, Espada, Marzal and Countach, of the Ferrari Dino 308 GT4, Maserati Quattroporte II and Khamsin, the Fiat X1/9 and Spider, the Volvo 262 Coupé and 780, The Volkswagen Polo, the BMW 3200 CS, the Citroen XM and BX and approximately 35 other cars and 60 prototypes, Bertone has certainly earned his fame. In addition, he also designed a number of interesting wrist watches.

1912The Bertone Bodyworks is founded by Giovanni Bertone.
1921The first complete car, the Fiat 501, is produced.
1945Guccio Bertone becomes director of 'Carrozzeria Bertone S.p.A.' in Grugliasco, Italy.
1975A range of about 15 LED and LCD quartz watches is designed for Buler Watch Ltd Lengnau, Switzerland. The name of the series is 'Stratos', matching the name of the Lancia Sports car prototype 'Lancia Stratos 1,6 HF', which is also designed by Bertone in 1970.

Bertone's most interesting watches are:

Five LED watches 'Stratos by Bertone' with a module no. 206 of Hughes Aircraft. The model number can be found engraved on the back of the watch.

1Rectangular model with a screw in each corner. Leather strap. (Ref.no. 01009)
2Square watch, black coloured and gold plated, a screw in each corner. Black leather strap. (Ref.no. 01007)
3Hexagonal shaped watch, partly black and partly chromium plated. Steel strap. (Ref.no. 01018)
4A two sided trapezium shaped watch. Two screws on each side of the trapezium. The case and strap are chromium plated. (Ref.no. 01003)
5The same model as no. 4 in black.

A range of six LCD watches, two watches with hands and one with both hands and LCD. The watches were available for sale in 1977. The first series have a five-digit number on the front of the case.

6A black LCD watch with two chromium plated pushers beneath the LCD. Black and chromium coloured metal bracelet. (Ref.no. 3026)
7A slightly different model with a rectangular screwed steel coloured frame on the black case and black metal bracelet. (Ref.no. 3037)
8A sligtly different black LCD watch. (Ref.no. 3046)
9A black LCD watch with two horizontal chromium plated bars on the case. A chromium plated steel strap. (Ref.no. 3012)

Later, Buler produced many variations of these watches which are marked 'Buler' or 'Strato'. Some were produced with just hands, or LCD, others with both hands and LCD.

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