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C.26 Miscellanea

In this section, attention will be focused on several watches which are captivating because of the beauty of their extraordinary design.

1Girard-Perregaux LED, 1976.
The basic idea for this watch originated from Mr. Friedrich, who was the owner of Girard Perregaux at the time. The designer was Mr. Schöpfer, an independent creator. Three different editions of this beautiful watch exist: steel, gold-plated and makrolon. It was the first time that makrolon was used in a watch.
2Lanvin, Paris, 1971.
This is one of the most interesting Hi-Tech watches ever designed. Despite a substantive amount of research, the designer remains unidentified. The electronic movement is the special 'Porta 2000', with balance and discrete electronic components.
3Tokina. Digi-Robot, Japan 1982.
4Longines Comet. 1969. (Ref.no. 8475)
5Zodiac Astrographic, Basle Fair 1972.
6Zodiac Astrodigit LCD chronograph, Basle 1977.
7Zodiac Kingline, Basle Fair 1978.
8Zodiac Astro II.
9Amida Digitrent 1975, sold by different sales companies such as Crehor in Belgium. The watch has a special feature: the digits on the two dials inside the watch case are mirrored by a prism and visible at the side-display. USA patent no. 3685283.
10Probably designed at the Anne Klein Studios in New York and sold by the Armin Corporation of New York in the nineteen seventies.
11Sandoz, Basle Fair 1973.

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