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C.2 Pierre Balmain

Balmain was a French fashion designer whose ideas were strongly based on the conservative work of the British couturier Captain Edward Molyneux who dressed the royalty and the aristocracy. Known for his conservative style, Balmain never was a genuine trendsetter, however, became famous as a fashion designer for re-introducing of 'la petite robe noir'. In the nineteen sixties and seventies the 'Maison Pierre Balmain' sold - amongst others - perfumes, scarves, suitcases, furs, spectacles, ties and cuff-links.

1914Born in Saint-Jean de Maurienne, France, on May 18th.
1934-1938Sketch artist and assistant designer to Edward Molyneux in Paris.
1939-1945Designer for the fashion houses of Lucien Lelong and Christian Dior.
1945The first collection of the newly founded Pierre Balmain fashion house is shown, on October 10th.
1950-1969Stage and film costume designer.
1971-1973Designs approximately 30 different watches and a range of matching cuff-links. The style of the first series is very interesting and frivolous. The design is very unconventional for Pierre Balmain. The later ones are made in a more classic manner.
29-6-1982Dies in Paris.

Pierre Balmain designed the following watches:

A first series of six basic models with 16 varations, all with a FE 233-60 or a Lorsa 8F movement and a lacquered leather or a chromium plated steel and rubber strap. The sale started in 1972.

1'Jeu de Paume'. A sphere shaped watch with a wooden, a goldplated or a brushed steel case.
2'Chaillot'. A chromium plated rectangular case with a blue or brown dial.
3'Malmaison'. A metal, duocoloured case with a brown or violet dial.
4'Galliera'. An oval shaped chromium plated case with white dial. The only one with Arabic numbers, blue or violet, inscriptioned on the dial.
5'Orangerie'. A brushed steel case with a green, darkbrown or steelcoloured dial.
6'Carnavalet'. Brushed chromium plated rectangular case with two crossed white double lines on the caramel, brown or steel coloured dial. In addition, Balmain designed a series of four watches with 18 variations, all with leather straps and a FE 233-60 or Lorsa 8F movement.
7A curious oval, irregular shaped, gold or chromium plated watch.
8A range of seven different metal coloured rectangular watches with a small dial and the crown on the upper side.
9A range of six wrist watches. The watchcase is mounted on a frame and has a small circular dial.
10A series of four rectangular watches with small metal corner protectors.

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