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J.30 Omega Megaquartz 2.4 Mhz

The quartz crystals of these watches are lens shaped.

1970Omega presents a few prototypes of the Omega Megaquartz 2400 caliber 1500 at the 1970 Basle Fair. This was the first watch with a frequency of 2.4 MHz developed in collaboration with the Batelle Institute in Geneva and Intersil of Cupertino, USA. It was also the first watch equipped with the 'time zone and second adjustment' device (TSA device) used for changing the time zone without affecting the minutes and seconds precision.
1973Caliber 1510 and 1515 without rating certificate.
1974Introduction of two series of calibers 1511 and 1516 of the Omega Megaquartz.
This watch obtained a chronometer certification at the 'Observatoire de Neuchâtel' and had an accuracy of less than a second time deviation per month. It was the first time a wrist watch was accepted in the Marine Chronometer Classification.
The most produced caliber is no. 1516. All the parts of the 1510, 1511, 1515 and 1516 are interchangeable, except the pillar plate. Total production approximately 10,000 pieces.
1975The caliber is, at this time, also sold by Audemars Piquet: AP 2510.

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